This is a space for mums to feel comfortable in their natural parenting journey. We all have little changes we want to make and an ideal we want to follow. Here you will find NO judgement, just open arms ready to support you in being the mum you wish to be.

Alongside being comfortable in yourself and becoming your natural parenting ideal, we nurture the philosophies of attachment parenting, gentle parenting and natural healthy living. We take nature and tradition and crash them into modern life. Tree-hugging, hairy legs and tie-dyed tees left in the dust! Our philosophy — Naturally Modern Parenting.

I would love you to join us in raising a family that stands for respect, commitment, connection, empathy and understanding all while taking the best from nature, real food and modern life. Whether you are pregnant and booming or have little ones that are blooming, I hope you can find something here to inspire you on your journey of being a healthy, happy, dope as mum.
Boom and Bloom Definition

Hi, I'm Melanie.

Laying my cards out here and being down and out honest. I want to be a dope as mama. It feels extremely embarrassing to say that, but it feels good to have it off my chest! And hey, there is nothing wrong with knowing who you want to be and making it happen. A big part for me, (and I am still working on it!) was actually showing the world what I truly love and not feeling embarrassed. Accepting that I am not perfect and certainly not a super mama as much as I try to be, and sharing this. Keeping all the shitty parts of life to myself is way easier and way less embarrassing but it doesn’t serve to help anybody.

I thrive on modern industrial living, I listen to hip hop and R&B and I’m lost without technology (looking at you iPhone). I bang on about living a natural life but I LOATHE gardening, almost as much as eggplant, and the only vegetable I can grow is silverbeet (which incidentally I LOVE!)

As a family, we cherry pick what we like about modern life and crunchy living. We have used disposable nappies, have some plastic toys and our daughter is becoming proficient with an iPad (she LOVES Netflix).

But —

We favour alternative health care, eat organic and make most food from scratch. We baby wear, co-sleep and I am an extended breastfeeder.

We enjoy a balance that best reflects our values, lifestyle and priorities.


I’m a kiwi mother with an absolutely delightful, high-energy daughter Bowie and an exceptionally talented husband, Anu — the glue that holds Boom & Bloom together.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for parenting — mine stem from a mix of Gentle Parenting, Attachment Parenting, RIE and plenty of evidence based research. My goal is to help you find yours by presenting what works for me so you can take what nurtures and relates to your own family.

I have 4 years study in Natural Health — Bachelor of Naturopathy, Diplomas of Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Food has to be my all-time favourite subject to talk about, and if I had to ascribe to a particular food philosophy it would have to be Weston A. Price. I am all about raising a Real Food baby and being a Real Food mama.

Join me as I journey through parenthood - sharing tips, delicious recipes, products, natural health and nutrition along the way as we forge extraordinary, intelligent and beautiful little people.

Melanie x