I Believe . . .

After reading an "I Believe" post by Brooke Steff over at Crazy, Beautiful Healthy I was inspired to write one of my own. It has been a simple yet effective method to help me feel grounded and connected with myself.

I believe...
everyone has an element of goodness lurking in them, even if its not on display
children soften our hearts
in compassion
that kindness can fix any hurt
the space in our hearts is bottomless
we are built to love so we don’t fall apart
everyone deserves the opportunity to embrace their health
in a heavenly afterlife
good nutrition is the cornerstone to a happy life
chocolate is a life force of its own
respecting children is a priority
in following your dreams
every path is filled with obstacles that will ultimately make you who you are
in nurturing a solid partnership
every child is a true blessing
nothing can prepare us for death, that grief is an emotion with many different facets
life is a challenge, it is rarely simple
gentle parenting provides a new generation of thoughtful individuals
the feeling of desire can be just as exciting as achieving that desire
ALL emotions are the foundation of a happy soul
nothing is impossible through the divine
laying judgement is destroying humanity
a natural life is a good life
it is impossible to love a child too much
babies can not be spoilt
breast milk is a wonder food
connection is essential to life
laughter provides vitality
Melanie x